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On August 12, 2019, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services published its final revised Public Charge Rule, set to take effect on October 15, 2019. The rule states that individuals entering the U.S. or applying for lawful permanent residency are inadmissible if they are deemed likely to become a public charge. 


Please send a letter (draft attached) to your elected officials today to ask them to pass a resolution of disapproval. You can send a letter by using


The revised Public Charge Rule will harm law-abiding immigrants, make health care less affordable, and increase costs by delaying needed healthcare services. Most importantly, it creates unreasonable obstacles that affect community health, children, seniors, and people experiencing disabilities. The revised rule gives dangerously broad discretion to immigration authorities in the admissibility review process and makes participation in non-emergency Medicaid and some Medicare programs factors in their decision-making.


For more information on how to answer the questions of those seeking health services please contact the Immigrant Legal Resource Center at Thank you for your continued support and work during these difficult times to ensure the best health for all.

Tell Congress to Prevent Online Sales of E-Cigs to Children

E-cigarettes are addicting to a new generation of smokers and online retail sales are a driving force.  According to the CDC, e-cigarette use has increased by 77.8% among high school and 48.5% among middle school students. Among middle school students Hispanics are the group most likely to use e-cigarettes, representing a new tobacco tipping point. At least one in four users of e-cigarettes are getting them online with a majority (63.2%) of online retailers using an ineffective age-verification method or making no attempt at all to verify the age of the purchaser.  

Tell Congress to support the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act and apply safeguards to e-cigarette online purchases identical to those already in place to prevent underage online purchases of regular cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. You can write to your Congressional Delegation at:

Protections for Most in Health Care Settings in Jeopardy

For our letter to Honorable Alex Azar (see press release) this is the link to the Federal Register. Please note that while the case itself is very narrow that HHS is using it as an opportunity to get rid of protections for many people.

Support for Personal Care Products Safety Act (S.726)

From asbestos in makeup ( to shampoo that makes your child bald ( every day Americans find out products they expect to be safe can be harmful. Yet FDA does not have full authority to ensure these products and the chemicals in them are safe nor to pull products off of the shelves when they have been found to be unsafe. 

Please write to your elected officials today, using the link below, to ask them to support S.726, legislation that would give the FDA the adequate authority to evaluate the safety of cosmetic and personal care products, require complete ingredient information online, report adverse events, and order recalls of cosmetics and personal care products that threaten consumer safety.

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