Don't Transmit-- Wear A Mask

May 27, 2020




Washington, DC – "Enjoy the summer and the warm weather. Just don't transmit— wear a mask," emphasized Jane L. Delgado, PhD, MS, President and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (the Alliance). She added, "In a recent outing in my neighborhood, I was surprised when I saw that only 1 out 5 people walking around were wearing masks."


The new COVID-19 "Wear a Mask Save a Life Campaign" is the latest resource from the National Alliance for Hispanic Health and can be downloaded for free ( "In these times of social distancing and isolation inside our homes, it's important to remind everyone to wear a mask when you go outside. This way you can still enjoy your outdoor activities and protect yourself and others," said Jane L. Delgado, PhD, MS, President and CEO of the Alliance.


The wear a mask message was developed when Edgar Gil Rico, Senior Director for Innovation and Program Development at the Alliance was out for his daily run and noticed that most people did not use masks. "I run at 5am so as to allow for social distancing but I also use a mask. It was amazing to me how many people were not wearing a mask." The importance of a mask has many dimensions. "You cannot tell by looking at someone whether or not they are carrying COVID19. Wearing a mask is what we do to protect each other," emphasized Dr. Delgado.


To download the free messages and other COVID-19 information, go to or for the Spanish language version go to




About the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (the Alliance). The Alliance is the nation's foremost science-based source of information and trusted advocate for the health of Hispanics in the United States with a mission to achieve the best health for all. For more information visit us


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