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Martin Castro

Martin Castro

Martin Castro was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation, an Educational/Charitable California Benefit Corporation in 2000 and served in that role until his retirement in April 2022. The Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) is a statewide organization, serving seven (7) California counties with 61 service locations and over 900 employees. The annual budget exceeds $185,000,000. 

Martin Castro was with MAOF since 1979 with a five-year break in service while he pursued opportunities in Washington D.C. Mr. Castro’s responsibilities included administering government and private sector projects and management and administrative duties for the organization. As President, Mr. Castro spearheaded the organization’s restructuring through growth and program expansion. As President, Mr. Castro maintained complete fiduciary responsibilities for MAOF’s activities.

In 1986, Mr. Castro relocated to Washington D.C to serve as a Project Management Specialist with the National Council of Senior Citizens, where he monitored programs across the United States. Mr. Castro also provided technical assistance to local directors and conducted training sessions at regional and national training conferences. Mr. Castro returned to MAOF in 1991. As Administrator and Director of the MAOF Kern County Programs, Mr. Castro supervised a variety of programs including Computer, Medical Worker, Bookkeeper, and Basic Skills Training Programs, Foster Grandparent Program, and Senior Citizens Community Service Employment Programs. Mr. Castro also initiated literacy programs across the County and launched an older worker recognition breakfast along other special fundraising events. Mr. Castro was instrumental in obtaining a land donation from the County of Kern on which a preschool center serving 144 children was built.

Mr. Castro received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the California State University at Bakersfield. He is a member of the Rotary of Club Montebello.

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