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Current Programs

We are very selective about the programs we implement and only undertake those programs and activities that will help us achieve our mission of best health of all. Consistent with our mission we do not accept funding from tobacco, alcohol, or sugar sweetened beverage companies.


All of Us — Juntos

Our collaboration with the All of Us Research Program from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), is aiming to be include all communities to help find new treatments and speed up medical research. 


Nuestras Voces Adelante

We work with our network of partners to reduce tobacco use and the impact of cancers in Hispanic communities by providing technical assistance to create and implement programs.


Vaccines for All

We provide timely and trusted information and access to vaccination services in Hispanic and other communities that are underserved, e.g., persons over 60 and those with a disability.


Diabetes Can Be Controlled

Diabetes can be prevented and controlled. See Infographics and a free one-hour webinar series available in English and Spanish that informs and engages individuals.


Get Up! Get Moving!

This the nation’s premier annual Hispanic family physical activity and healthy lifestyle event.


Buena Salud Club

The Buena Salud® Club is a FREE membership club that promotes healthy lifestyles and provides information to its members.


Buena Salud Américas

These are our international programs that are led by community-based organizations throughout the Americas and are funded by our Healthy Americas Foundation®.

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