Download important bilingual fact sheets based on current information provided from the CDC as of April 28, 2020


Sesame Street and Census 2020

To support the 2020 Census, Sesame Workshop launched a campaign to help families understand the importance of including all the children in their home on the census. The kit is FREE and features materials in English and Spanish that include 6 Video PSAs and 1 audio PSA emphasizing the need to count all kids, and how the census brings resources to communities, 24x36 color poster encouraging everyone to Make Your Family Count!, and 8.5x11 flyer for caregivers describing how to complete the census.

About Our Health

Sobre Nuestra Salud

The multiyear study of 16,415 Hispanic men and women ages 18-74 is sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), and six other institutes and offices of the NIH.  Participants were recruited by Field Centers associated with academic institutions in the Bronx, NY; Chicago, IL; Miami, FL; and, San Diego, CA. The resulting 40 page bilingual report, About Our Health: Results from the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (SOL), details trends for each of the communities that were part of the study, nine things you can do for your health, and the Su Familia Helpline as a resource.

Let's Talk About Anaphylaxis

Hablemos Sobre La Anafilaxia

The bilingual publication Let's Talk About Anaphylaxis covers the basics about anaphylaxis, risk factors, treatment, steps families may take to protect their children, and recent federal guidelines to ensure children are protected at school. The Alliance conducted this important survey and developed the resource for consumers."With the new Spanish-language resource, we hope to close the knowledge gap among Hispanics that this survey has identified. Consumers can also call our toll- free Su Familia Helpline at 1-866-783-2645 to get answers to their questions about anaphylaxis and referrals to health resources in their communities," said Dr. Delgado.

Let’s Talk About Living With Cancer

Hablemos sobre la vida con cáncer

Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with cancer? This bilingual booklet provides those living with cancer, and their friends and family, general information and resources on cancer survivorship. It addresses concerns you may have after being diagnosed; discusses what you should know about cancer, diagnosis, and treatment; and, offers tips on how to follow-up with a health care providers and stay healthy.

Let’s Talk About Skin Cancer

Hablemos del cáncer de la piel

Did you know skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US? This bilingual booklet provides general information on skin cancer including the different types, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and treatment options. It also includes information on the sun’s harmful rays, skin cancer detection and diagnosis, and tips on how to lead a healthy life by protecting your skin.

The State of Diabetes Among Hispanics

The State of Diabetes Among Hispanics report provides insight on how Hispanics are disproportionately affected by diabetes compared to other racial and ethnic groups, and the risks they face as a result. Hispanics are nearly two times as likely to have diabetes as non-Hispanic whites and the disease has consistently affected Hispanics and African Americans at higher levels than non-Hispanic whites over the last two and a half decades. As recently as 2006, diabetes remained the fifth major cause of death for Hispanics and African Americans, compared to being the seventh major cause of death for non-Hispanic whites. This report also offers recommendations in such areas as research and data collection, risk factors, health care barriers, and diabetes outreach and education to have a meaningful impact on the growing number of Hispanics at risk for, or living with, diabetes in the U.S.

Prenatal Care: Helping You Have a Healthy Baby

Atención prenatal temprana y periódica: Guía para tener un bebe saludable

This comprehensive guide to pregnancy includes bilingual information in English and Spanish about the importance of regular prenatal care. The 60-page booklet covers such topics as; what to expect during prenatal visits, prenatal tests and exams, tips to help prevent and relieve common pregnancy discomforts, factors that could complicate a pregnancy, and what to consider after birth. Information is presented in a culturally proficient manner that sends a clear message to the reader.